Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter

Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter

Portable Doppler Flow Meter – Vancouver BC

At Southwell Corp, we have been selling and supporting Greyline flow meters in Vancouver and throughout BC for over 15 years. The Greyline PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter Displays, Datalogs Transmits and Totalizes Flow in Closed Pipes.

Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter

Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter: for Dirty or Aerated Liquids Troubleshoot Flow from a Pipe

  • Simple 5-key Calibration
  • 300,000 point Data Logger
  • 4-20mA Output
  • 10-Digit Totalizer
  • AC/DC Operation
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery

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Fast, Easy Flow Measurement with Non-Contacting Sensor

Versatile, Easy to Use
Use a Greyline PDFM 5.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter to monitor and balance flow, or to troubleshoot flow problems in pipes. It is ideal to full evaluate performance of in-line flow meters and can be installed, calibrated and started-up in minutes. Use it for projects where a permanent flowmeter is not required or to temporarily replace installed flow transmitters.

Ideal for Problem Liquids
The PDFM 5.1 ultrasonic sensor is on the outside of a pipe. An clamped acoustic pulse is reflected back to the sensor from particles or gases in the flowing liquid. The flow rate of any fluid can be measured as long as it contains air bubbles or solids. It is ideal for wastewater, slurries, sludge, and most chemicals, acids, caustics, and lubrication fluids.

Fully Re-chargeable
With its internal battery the PDFM 5.1 can be operated all day and then recharged overnight. For continuous use it can be powered by a supplied 110-240VAC wall plug adapter. A 300,000 point data logger is built-in.

Solve Flow Problems
Troubleshoot and Balance Flow
Check Performance of Pumps or other Flow Meters

Quick, Easy Flow Measurements from Outside a Pipe
Each Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter comes complete with carrying case, rugged watertight strap-on sensor and stainless steel mounting kit. Use the simple 5-key menu system to select units of measurement and to calibrate to any pipe diameter ½” (12.5 mm) or larger.

Simple start-up and Calibration
Sensor mounting and a full calibration can be done in just a few minutes. It is fast and easy! Put coupling compound ( ) on the sensor face gel included and mount on the outside of a pipe with the stainless steel mounting the sensor bracket (supplied). five Use the -key calibration system to enter pipe diameter and to select your choice of engineering units (gallons, litres etc.) The PDFM 5.1 will immediately begin to display, transmit and totalize.

No Calculations – No Programming Codes
Select your choice of display units: the PDFM 5.1 will display and totalize flow volume in gallons, liters, cubic feet or cubic rmeters. If you change from one measurement system to another, the PDFM 5.1 will automatically and instantly calculate and convert the flow display and totalizer. Calibrate to pipe size using the keypad to enter inside diameter.

Built-in 0,000 point Data ogger 30 l and PC Software
Set up the PDFM 5.1′s data logger to store time and datestamped flow values from 1 second to 5 minute intervals. Or use the convenient ‘Flow Report’ format where total, minimum,
maximum and average flow rates are stored in your choice of hourly or daily summaries. Transfer flow logs to your PC or laptop through the PDFM 5.1′s output. Greyline Logger software (included) displays data in both graph and table formats and exports to graphic or text file formats for use in other programs.

“Sleep Mode” for Extended Data Logging on Battery Power
Sleep mode extends battery life for long-term data logging at locations where AC power input is not available. Between logging intervals the flowmeter drops into a stand-by mode until a flow reading is requested by the data logger. Flow rates are sampled continuously for 10 seconds and then the PDFM 5.1 returns to sleep until the next logger point is required. With 5 minute sample intervals the PDFM can data log for about 18 days on battery power.

New Signal Processing for reliable Accuracy
The PDFM 5.1 Doppler flow algorithm filters out background noise and interference. The digital signal processor discriminates against weak and distorted signals. When the processor cannot measure accurately the meter will display zero flow and indicate low signal confidence.

Battery Powered a Full Day’s Work
With its built-in rechargeable battery, you can operate the PDFM 5.1 . NiMH up to 18 hours continuously. Display brightness is adjustable to conserve power. (100-240VAC50/60Hz) to activate the 4-20mA output Plug into an AC outlet and recharge fully in to hours. You can continue to use the PDFM 5.1 while charging.

Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter
No Obstruction No Pressure Drop
Just Minutes to Install and Calibrate

Ideal for Tough Flow Applications
The Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter works best with difficult liquids applications that would damage regular flow meters. Because the sensor is mounted on the outside of the pipe, there is no contact with the moving fluid. The sensor straps onto the outside of pipes ½ (12.5 mm) ID or larger and measures flow in common pipe materials: PVC, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, fiberglass, and lined pipes…any pipe that conducts ultrasound.

Doppler signals cannot be transmitted through pipe walls which contain air pockets (materials like concrete and wood), or loose insertion liners (with an air gap between the liner and pipe wall). Because the sensor is so easy to install you can test any application and pipe material in a few minutes.

How it Works
The Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter ultrasonic sensor injects high frequency sound through the pipe wall and into the flowing liquid. Gas bubbles or solids suspended in the liquid reflect the ultrasonic signal back to the sensor. When this sound is reflected from moving bubbles or particles it is returned to the sensor at an altered frequency. This frequency shift is called the Doppler effect. The PDFM 5.1 continuously measures the change from its transmitted frequency to the received frequency to accurately calculate flow.

Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter Availability

The Greyline PDFM 5.1 Non-Contacting Doppler Flow Meter and other Greyline Flow Meters are available in BC through Southwell Corp.

We ship to Vancouver, Victoria, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vancouver Island, Prince George and every other town in BC.

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