Greyline LIT 25 Level Indicating Transmitter

Greyline LIT 25 Level Indicating Transmitter with Non-Contacting Ultrasonic Sensor 

Greyline LIT 25 Level Indicating Transmitter – Vancouver BC

At Southwell Corp, we have been selling and supporting Greyline flow meters in Vancouver and throughout BC for over 15 years. The Greyline LIT 25 Level Transmitter provides Level Monitoring and Control for Chemical Storage Tanks, Sumps, Reservoirs and Lagoons.

Greyline LIT 25 Level Indicating Transmitter

Cost Effective, Non-Contacting Level Transmitter

  • Simple Calibration with 2-button keypad
  • Large 4-digit LCD display
  • Non-Contacting, no maintenance sensor
  • Isolated 4-20mA output (1000 ohm)
  • Relay for alarm or control
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Low Cost High accuracy (±0.25%)

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The Greyline LIT25 Level Indicating Transmitter features a 4-20mA output rated up to 1000 ohms. This output is isolated and ready for direct connection to your PLC or Controller.

Mount the watertight display enclosure at a convenient location where the large, 4-digit LCD Display is visible to Operators. Use the built-in Keypad for calibration without climbing the Tank.

Use the LIT25 signal Relay output to control pumps and alarms. Calibrate for level, echo loss or temperature alarm.

Non-Contacting Sensor
The LIT25′s ultrasonic, echo-ranging sensor mounts at the top of the tank to continuously monitor level. No maintenance is required. A built-in temperature sensor is included to automatically compensate for changes in speed of sound due to temperature.

Level and temperature signals share a single coaxial cable which can be run up to 500 ft (152 m) to the electronics enclosure. The standard Sensor is rated for tank sizes up to 32 ft. (10 m) high, and is made with PVC and Teflon (an optional all-Teflon model is also available). The sensor and cable is rated intrinsically safe (with optional intrinsic safety barrier) for installation in hazardous rated tanks.


Mount the LIT25 Display enclosure at a convenient location for operators. The large LIT25 digital display indicates that it is calibrated in percent, inches or cm, and in RANGE or LEVEL mode. Relay status is also displayed and the ECHO symbol flashes to indicate that echos are being received normally.

Special LIT25 features like OUTPUT SIMULATION allow operators to test calibration, loop wiring, and relay set-points directly from the LIT25 keypad. Simplify calibration or tank measurement with the LIT25′s RANGE display – instantly display distance in inches or cm from the sensor to the target or liquid surface.

Greyline LIT 25 Level Indicating Transmitter Availability

The Greyline LIT 25 Level Indicating Transmitter and Grayline Flow Meters are available in BC through Southwell Corp.

We ship to Vancouver, Victoria, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vancouver Island, Prince George and every other town in BC.

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Fiberglass and Radio Frequency Transparency

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